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  • Can my roofing Contractor help you with my claim?
    Amarillo Homes has assisted hundreds of families with their roof insurance claims. With our experienced staff you will be in good hands. With your authorization we facilitate the entire roofing process by representing you with your insurance company and handling all the follow-up calls and paperwork so you’re don’t have to worry about it.
  • Who should I call if I find damage on my roof?
    In order to get started; contact Amarillo Homes, an experienced and reliable roofing contractor to inspect for damage. If the roofing expert concludes there is storm damage, next call your insurance company claims department to file a new claim. Your insurance company will call you to arrange an inspection of the loss. Amarillo Homes is always there to represent you with your adjuster and discuss the damage we found.
  • What’s the insurance adjuster purpose?
    The adjuster’s role is to provide you with an accurate accounting of the specific items that were damaged by the storm and a written estimate of the approved scope of work. Take into account that this is just an estimate and actual costs can be different. Your roof contractor will be able to discuss and negotiate this with the insurance desk adjuster. At this point, it is in your best interest to share the estimate with your contractor. This ensures that the contractor covers all the approved repairs properly, not excluding anything.
  • What happens when my claim is approved?
    Once approved, the desk adjuster sends the estimate to the homeowner. At this time, the insurance company will issue the first check, also known as the ACV (Actual Cash Value). To get your project started, Amarillo Homes must submit documentation and then the insurance company will issue out the remaining in the form of a second check (depreciation check).
  • What happens if my claim is denied?
    When a claim is denied, this means that the insurance adjuster has not found enough damage to warrant a roof replacement, or that your loss is lower than your deductible. If you believe your roof has enough significant damage to warrant a roof replacement and would like a reinspection, please communicate this request to Amarillo Homes. We will then submit a reinspection request to the insurance company. In that case, a different adjuster may be sent out to complete the reinspection. Having a second professional opinion along with a roof expert representing you often results in a full roof replacement.
  • Why is the insurance company taking so long to provide updates and/or a determination?
    Since each claim is different, the length of the determination process varies. Insurance companies may also be backed up if they are receiving an influx of claims. Amarillo Homes is here to follow up with your insurance company to ensure everything is moving along properly and smoothly. A call from the insured can usually help the process move faster as well.
  • How does Guarantee work?
    Amarillo Homes provides a 5-year labor warranty in addition to the warranty provided by the manufacturer. The Amarillo Homes warranty is valid for 5 years starting the date of completion. Amarillo Homes shall assume all costs to repair and/or replace any imperfection due to its failure to install the work in a professional manner. The Amarillo Homes warranty excludes the following events outside the scope of the contract: Failure of the homeowner to maintain the roofing system Vandalism and/or acts of sabotage Damage caused by additional projects, repairs, or construction to the property not performed by Amarillo Homes Acts of God (including but not limited to wind, lightning, hurricane, tornado, hailstorm, sinkholes, impact of foreign objects, and other naturally occurring events) You can expect to receive your warranty package from Amarillo Homes by email 10 business days after you have paid in full
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